Free Abdominal Exercise Methods for Women – Easy Lower Abdominal Exercises

Easy lower abdominal exercises for women are an essential part of women's health. Although having six pack abs is wonderful, it is not the only reason to ensure that you workout this part of your body. Having strong abdominal muscles can also enhance your health in other ways - for example, giving you better posture and reducing back strain. Many women do abdominal exercise for women as a healthy way to get rid of belly fat - however during the workout, the lower abdomen is often ignored.

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By using one or two effective and free abdominal exercise methods for women, you can be certain that this important muscle group is also getting worked out effectively. Several of the exercises may need more equipment than you have readily available - however, most of the abdominal exercise for women mentioned here can be performed at home and do not require much additional device.

Below are several effective and easy lower abdominal exercises for women or beginners as a jump start. You’ll also learn some free abdominal exercise methods for women from these exercises.
  • Lying leg rises
  • Lie down on a flat bench. Raise your arms above your head and have your hands hold the edges of the bench or (if you have one) the hand-grip behind your head. With your legs slightly bent at the knee, elevate them all the way up to the vertical position. Pause a second and then slowly lower them. Try not to touch the ground at the bottom. This will maintain tension on the abdominals throughout the workout and thus add the intensity. Repeat this abdominal exercise for women and beginners a number of reps and sets.
  • Reverse crunch
  • Lie face up on a flat exercise bench, raise your arms and firmly grasp the edge of the bench above or alongside your head. With your knees bent (and locked in this position), contract your abs and lift your hips to bring your knees in toward your chest - hold for three seconds and lower your hips back to the bench. Repeat this exercise a number of reps and sets.
For more advanced abdominal exercise for women, you can try this.

Leg lifts
This hanging leg raise is one of the most effective and free abdominal exercise methods for women. For this exercise, however, you're going to need a lat pull-up bar to hang from. This bar is going to need to be high enough that you can hang from it with your arms fully extended (with your hands shoulder width apart) for long enough to do the exercise - without your feet touching the floor. Then, use your abdominal muscles (you will need to focus) to move your legs up until you are sitting in the air.

Several things to remember during your exercises using the above free abdominal exercise methods for women:
  • Do not over train your abdomen. Do not exercise you abdomen if they are still very sore from previous exercise. Mildly sore is fine. Keep in mind that success is not coming from doing one single abdominal exercise for women instead from many exercises.
  • When you do sit-ups and crunches, or other easy lower abdominal exercises that requires your hands to be behind your head, never interlock your fingers as this causes you to pull on your head and will put your spine out of alignment – which may cause strains to your spine.
  • Maintain your abdomen pulled in tight throughout each repetition to get the maximum result of each rep.
  • Maintain your range of motion between 30-45 degrees from the floor or bench (the horizontal position). This helps to reduce the hip-flexor area movement and ensure that the abdomen gets their full workout.
  • Always keep your spine, neck, head and shoulder in alignment to prevent strains.
Besides these free abdominal exercise methods for women mentioned above, there are also hundreds of sources available out there that offer easy lower abdominal exercises for free or paid. You can choose the free one or the paid one. A paid one does not necessarily mean it is better. Remember that the best abdominal exercise for women is the exercise that works for the individual, regardless of the source.