Walking 1, 2, 3 miles to 5 miles a Day

Experts have found that walking is one of the best exercises you can perform for overall fitness. They also recommend a regular walking of 5 miles a day to lose weight fast for overweight person or who just need to get rid of some excess pounds. Read If I Walk 5 miles a Day will I Lose Weight? to learn further about walking 5 miles a day.

So, what is so good about walking? Walking is a one and all exercise; nearly every one can do it regardless of his or her ages and fitness levels. It’s easy and free; you can perform it at anywhere and anytime, you don’t even need to buy equipment or learn complicated technique. It doesn’t cause injuries; unlike most other types of exercise, the risk of the joints and the back injury is low since you don’t have to jump up and down. A daily, regular walk of 2 miles daily or 3 miles a day can decrease the risk of heart attack as much as 50%, lower high blood pressure and helps to keep weight under control.


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The instruction booklet was clear and concise, there are no confusing displays or key combinations to remember, either. Setup takes just a few minutes. You only have to walk ten steps, measure and divide by 10 to convert that to the length of your average stride. This data, along with the time and your weight, gets entered into the pedometer during initial setup. Not only this little device is easy to set up, convenient to be used, and extremely durable, but they do the trick of really making you realize how little exercise you get before.

Walking is a great exercise and unlike swimming or going to the gym, all you have to do is walk out the door. Soon enough, as your pedometer count every steps you have done, you will get motivated to walk 5 miles a day (10,000 steps) or even more. Suitable for anyone who needs motivation to start walking 1, 2, 3 or 5 miles a day in order to lose weight or just to stay fit. Well worth the money.

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Walking is also the best minimal effort exercise for fat loss; it gives a longer-lasting impact as it uses almost all the muscles while keeping your heart rate at a fat-burning rate. This will help you lose weight fast by burning more fats even long after your workout. It also increase your body muscles mass thus boost the level of body metabolism.

At first, you might feel that walking 5 miles a day to lose weight fast is a little overwhelming. But you should be able to do it better and better by following these simple methods which will help you to accomplish your goals without losing focus.
  • Count your steps and distance of daily walk
  • Use a Pedometer. 5 miles is equal to 10,000 steps so you can meet your daily quota by using a pedometer to easily keep track of the distance you have covered throughout the day as well as the number of steps that you have taken.

  • If you don’t have a pedometer, you can try to calculate the distance of your daily walk. You can use the milometer in your car to measure the distance of certain walking route or otherwise google maps for a rough estimate of the distance.

  • Calculate the time it takes
  • Using either your pedometer or other counting methods, estimate the time you need to walk a specific distance, such as one mile. Do this a few times on several different days and average the figures together. You will then be able to estimate how long it will take you to walk a portion of your daily goals if you decide to spend a set amount of time walking them off.

  • For example, if you find that you can walk 5 miles in an hour, then you can devote an hour everyday to walk those miles. But, if you’re unable to devote a full hour, then you can add up increments of fifteen minutes at a time until you achieve your goal. Knowing just what it takes to achieve your goal will help you to approach the task much more strategically than if you did not have a plan. The calculations will save your time and assure that you achieve your 5 miles.

  • Plan an appropriate walking path

  • Plan a routine and appropriate walking path by measuring a route based on the time and it takes you to walk your 10,000 steps. This will help you to look at the task of walking 5 miles a day to lose weight in a more manageable light. You will be able to estimate your progress along your day and have a system for reaching your goals.

  • Try to plan two or three routes since you might get bored by walking the same path again and again each day. Plan a long route for days when you are energetic, a short route for days when you are tired, and a mid-length route for days when you are energized but busy. Giving yourself plenty of options is important to helping you stay positive so that you can achieve your goal.
If you’re just starting off or the task is just too difficult for you, you can go by walking one mile a day and progress to 2, 3 then 5 miles a day. Try going for a one mile walk every other day and then increasing this to 2 miles daily then 3 miles a day. Once you get used to the regular walking of 3 miles a day, increase this to 5 miles every single day or at least five days a week.

Finally, the key to effective walking of 3 miles to 5 miles a day to lose weight fast (as similar to other form of aerobic exercises) is long term consistency not intensity. Take your time to develop the most suitable walking plan for yourself so you can do it consistently and without hassle. So go and take your first step now.