How to Get Rid of Leg Fat

Human beings are really unique. Each person has his or her own characteristics thus it is very hard to make rules that will effective for everyone. In spite of that, you still can follow some basic principles which are shared by almost everyone in your quest to lose weight in your legs. So here is some information about how to get rid of leg fat and exercises to get rid of fat legs.

First, you need to learn how to count your daily caloric intake and burn numbers. These numbers will show you precisely what your body is doing to the very calorie. You then can take full control over the amount of body fat you hold right in the palms of your very hands. To learn how to count your daily caloric consumption and expenditure, check out this article Losing Weight by Counting Calories.

Next, exercise regularly and increase the intensity gradually since exercising at higher thresholds benefits your life-extending and burns more calories from excess body fat. So, start to exercise towards high intensity interval. Do this in the morning before breakfast to get the most out from your workout.

Learn how to calculate daily caloric intake and exercise properly is only half of the effort required to lose leg fat. You will also have to change your dieting habits. You need to incorporate a healthy diet regimen - reduce fatty food, sweets and processed foods and avoid the use of laxatives instead consume more fruits, veggies, non-processed foods and drink plenty of water. Split your meals into many healthy and small meals throughout the day to turn your body into “fat burning mode". Never starve yourself as this will cause your body to hold on every fat cell it has instead of burn it off.

You must also know that it's impossible to spot reducing. You may think that running, squats, calf raises, etc will help you get rid of leg fat, but it just doesn't work that way. When you work on a certain area of your body, you're in fact toning the muscles in that area not burning them. Thus that certain area will probably become more muscular not skinnier. It's your body that decides which area of fat stores to be taken and used as energy.

In other words, if you want to lose leg fat, you'll have to lose it evenly throughout your entire body, not just your legs. Your legs might hold more fat than other body parts, but when you lose your overall body fat, you'll get rid of leg fat too. It may occur last, but it will occur eventually (when there're no other fat stores to be burn).

If your goal is to get rid of leg fat you should accommodate exercise that emphasize on leg workout. Although these exercises are only effective for toning your leg muscles, they will certainly help you to lose weight in legs in time.

So, how to lose weight in legs? Here are some exercises to get rid of fat legs:
  1. Calf raises – calf raises emphasizes on the back of your legs. You can do it with machine at the gym or with dumbbells at home.
  2. Running– a couple of miles a day and a few times a week will shape your legs and eliminate cellulite in thighs.
  3. Other cardio exercises – doing other cardiovascular exercises such as swimming for at least 30 minutes a day are effective too.
  4. Kickboxing – kickboxing is great to tone your legs and butt. It will help you to get rid of leg fat
  5. Dancing
  6. Skipping at least 1,000 skips a day
  7. Cycling, especially in standing style to isolate your legs better
  8. Low weight squats to tone muscle and burn fat from your thighs and calves
  9. If you're worry about adding too much muscle and bulk, you may consider brisk walking instead of running or other exercises. Walk for at least 5 miles a day 5 to 7 times a week. You can read this FAQ: Losing Weight by Walking – FAQ

Remember that while these exercises mainly emphasize on your leg, they are only effective at toning muscles rather than burning fat in that specific areas and fat will still be burn and lost evenly throughout your body. Nevertheless you'll get rid of leg fat and lose weight in your legs after a period of time.